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TOL & MEK Free PU Binders for Ink

PU resin (PU ink binder) is one of the important raw materials for  inks. COMENS offers two types of  TOL & MEK free PU binders: film forming and plasticizing type. The Film forming grade PU binder is used to make rotogravure reverse lamination ink, and combines with vinyle resins.  It can be dissolved with environmental friendly solvent, has very good heat-resistance, can be treated by water-boiling and retorting and meet most of the strict requirements for the high performance rotogravure reverse ink. The plasticizing grade PU binder is used to make flexo or rotogravure surface printing ink,  combines with NC resin. It is also TOL & MEK free, with high gloss and excellent alcohol solubility.

COMENS PU Ink Binders' Characteristics:
•  TOL & MEK Free, safety
•  Only EA & IPA in Resin
•  100% Aliphatic
•  No PAA (Primary Aromatic Amine)
•  Good Pigment Wetting Ability
•  Good color strength

Binder type

PU binder

Solid Content (%)

Ink Type





Flexo Surface Printing Ink

High adhesion on PP, PET,PA
High gloss
Good oil and water resistance

Good scratch resistance
Excellent alchol solubility

Film Forming



PU+ Vinyl Resin
Gravure Reverse Lamination Ink

Excellent adhesion on films
High bonding strength after lamination
Excellent yellowing and light resistance
water boiling and retorting Resistance

Semi-Film -Forming



Gravure Surface Printing Ink

High adhesion on OPP, PET, PA
High gloss
Excellent deep fridge resistance
Good water and oil resistance
Excellent scratch resistance

Film Forming



Flexo Reverse Lamination Ink

High adhesion on treated BOPP, PET, PA

Good water and oil resistance

Good scratch resistance

We support our clients not only product, but also total solution.
Our superiorities include:
•  Provide the basic ink formulation by our ink engineer
•  Viscosity can be adjusted as you prefer
•  Tailor made product for you