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AC Agent for Co-extrusion
The anchor coating, also called AC agent or primer, is used to increase bonding strength on co-extrusion films. 
Comens supply solvent based polyurethane AC agent, which is suitable for the manufacturing of polyethylene extrusion coatings and polyethylene extrusion laminations by conventional methods (in-line) e.g. aluminum, nylon, polyester and cellophane.

COMENS product character:
•  One and two component available
•  Excellent heat and chemical resistance
•  High green tack and final bonding strength
•  Excellent adhesion property on films, foil and paper
•  Water resistance, no hydrolyzing
•  Can do boiling and hot filling
•  Wide application
•  Good frozen/thaw stability
•  Solvent is easy to vapor, less energy consuming